2003 - 2004 Series of lectures on Public art, at Uppsala County Council, Fall 2003 + spring 2004, taking as its stand-point an official art-commission done by love and devotion at Akademiska sjukhuset, Ulleråker, Uppsala, Sweden... [read more]

2 - 3 APRIL 2004 Baltic Art Center arranged a symposium, focussing on Swedish art institutions. The main question dealt with was; for whom, how and why the art-institution... [read more]

5 MAY - 6 JUNE 2004 Is the spring the same at different places? Which experiences can we/or can we not share with each other? What is the limit for that possibility? We have choosen to let two pictures switch place. What happens then? [read more]

4 MARCH - MARCH 16 2004 love and devotion presented "fab four" - a project connected to konst2 in Skärholmen. Started out as a project for the shop at konst2, where love and devotion invites everyone who needs a little advice or consulting to address a quest to us. [read more]

8 MAY 2004 POT LUCK was the theme of the touring project "Hemma hos; Fredrik, participating artists Nils Edvardsson, love and devotion, Johan Paalzow, Fritz Quasthoff, Research & Development & Anna Strid. [read more]

25 JANUARY - 14 MARCH 2004 "Slutspel?" deals with the current situations/relations facing the community of Timrå, and Midlanda kunsthalle. The show invites the all-town-embracing hockey culture to enter the exhibition space of Midlanda. [read more]

16 SEPTEMBER 2003 - 19 JANUARY 2004 In love and devotion's explorations of various contexts and phenomena, we feel it's important to start out from the here and now. We let our approach, [read more]

During 2003 love and devotion was working on a public art assignment involving two wards concentrating on rehabilitation of psychosis at the University Hospital of Uppsala, Sweden. love and devotion was invited [read more]

MARCH 2003 - JANUARY 2004 love and devotion is responsible of the exhibition programme of Vita kuben at the Operahouse of Norrland. During this time a show/performance will be built; piece by piece, artist by artist. An empty white cube, a room designed for art. [read more]

31 OCTOBER - 1 NOVEMBER 2003 A huge sign (nylon fabric) used for advertising, red with text, that is recycled, changed and through the new context is given a new meaning. Originally used at our show at Moderna museet, Stockholm. [read more]

10 OCTOBER 2003 7 - 10 PM A story about a journey starting off at Soc. Stockholm in December 2001 that now, after two years, returns to Soc. The visualization of this journey tells us something about an economical flow [read more]

24 - 25 MAY 2003 During a weekend in May we had a workshop for other artist that live in and around the city of Östersund, in the Northwest of Sweden. The workshop had as a standpoint two questions: [read more]

7 MARCH 2003 We were invited to a seminar on subjects conserning the institutional. A talk took place between love and devotion, Maria Lind, Søren Friis Møller, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, and Åsa Nacking. [read more]

28 FEBRUARY - 2 MARCH 2003 When love and devotion were guests at the artist-run space Yeansin Gothenburg it became clear how a process takes place and how things and people connect. Lars Nilsson and Eva Linder (who runs Yeans) [read more]

2 FEBRUARY 2003 We were invited to Red76ArtsGroup in Portland, Oregon, USA. A happening that showed work by different artgroups from all over the world. Our contribution was to send a bunch of posters [read more]

1 - 16 FEBRUARY 2003 A cube is a cube is a cube ...or? It's interesting that f ex the temporary space of the Moderna museet in Stockholm or another temporary exhibitionspace that we created at Studio 44, so obviously recreates... [read more]

NOV 2002 - JAN 2003 love and devotion was invited, by curator Catrin Lundqvist, to perform two "events", or projects, at Moderna museet. Two projects that at first glance seemed quite different, but... [read more]

DECEMBER 2002 At the wintermarket at "Gammlia", just outside the museum in Umeå, we organized a lottery. Alongside the other vendors at the market selling handicraft, food etc our booth was one in the gang. [read more]

SEPTEMBER 2002 We were invited by Andrzej Ekwinski, Director of Vardö-Seminar, to an International Symposium named "Dangerous Encounters: Facing the Others" in Pultusk, Poland. [read more]

EASTER 2002 love and devotions earlier cooperations have been based on physical presence. This time we choose to take another stand. Through leaving our shadows painted onto the walls of the gallery we wanted to ask new questions about art. [read more]

1 - 4 DECEMBER 2001 When love and devotion was invited to the space of Soc. Stockholm, we wanted to make way for a comfortable room in which we could come together and discuss delicate matters such as "what makes people do things from their hearts?", dance, and to make people feel welcome. [read more]

OCTOBER 2000 At the Artmuseum of Uppsala love and devotion organized the workshop "for real". The idea was to guide some young people from a to z in the art of creating, organizing, producing and presenting an artproject or whatever project for that matter. [read more]

SEPT - DEC 2000 love and devotion was first officially launched in Umeå (a university town in the very north of Sweden), when love and devotion was invited by Jeffrey Vallance, professor at The Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå. [read more]