In love and devotion's explorations of various contexts and phenomena, we feel it's important to start out from the here and now. We let our approach, our method of work, be influenced by the place itself, so that the final result is shaped by the process as a whole.

During our investigation of the Historical Museum of Wines and Spirits, we focussed on the way the museum chooses to present history and discussed the opportunities for reflection open to members of the general public. What relationship do visitors have, or are expected to have, with the museum's subject area? As a visitor, can you feel moved and drawn to the episodes of history represented at the museum, and if so, how? Has anything been purposely left out? Is anything missing?

What we want to do is bridge the gap between the modern, tasting section and the historical collections. In terms of both content and space, we strive to forge a link between these two polar opposites.

Until now, the exhibitions of the Intoxicating Rooms series were staged in one of the halls near the information desk. However, we chose to integrate our work with the museum's permanent exhibition. For isn't the museum really an intoxicating room in itself?

Ain't that a kick in the head!
- an excess in workshopping, cocktails and barlife!

Saturday November 15th, from noon to 4 pm

An afternoon with love and devotion and guests at The Historical Museum of Wine & Spirits in Stockholm. Address: Dalagatan 100. One could say that love and devotion blends and mixes as never before - a new taste to the exhibition - a do it yourself theme wthout comparising!

What about:
- Flairing/ freestyle mixing - meet eqvilibristic bartenders from The Swedish Bartenders Association who throws bottles around themselves!
- Make your own coctailpins!
- Create your own drinkmats together with Pärlplatteklubben!
- Put no limits to the visual experience of your own cocktaildecoration!

Learn how to mix and taste drinkclassics to music of ultimate cocktailquality. A lecture about the drink from a political historical perspective. Useable, tasty and full of surprises!

Voluntary dresscode: smoking and cocktaildress. Cheers!

12.00 Opening
13.00 Swedish Bartenders Association (Sveriges Bartenders Gille) presents themselves.
14.00 The Martini - the First, the Last, the Only True Cocktail, lecture by Lars Nilsson, artist.
15.00 Presentation of Pärlplatteklubben, Eva Linder, artist.
16.00 The Museum closes and we continue to the turkish restaurant Kervan Saray, Norra Stationsgatan 81.