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K2, Skärholmen, Stockholm, Spring 2004

Official artcommission, Statens konstråd
Fall 2003 - Fall 2005

Olaus Petri skolan, Örebro

From spring 2003

Starting Fall 2004 love and devotion will have a productionspace at Konst2 in Skärholmen. love and devotion is also developing a tour of Skärholmen for Konst2, taking as it's standpoint what we can learn from the people living in Skärholmen, what Konst2 can add and what can happen in between.
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During 2005 love and devotion will take part in the exhibition Cats-in-Residence Program at White Box in NYC. Curated by Rhonda Lieberman. "Combining Art and Animal rescue, the Cats-in-Residence Program will transform the gallery space at White Box into an inter-species hangout area for people and cats. Visitors are invited to unwind, tune into the environment (artifical and natural) and even participate in some urban redemption, if they choose to rescue a kitty."
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love and devotion is working with an "evaluation" of the public art assignment, involving two wards concentrating on rehabilitation of psychosis at the University Hospital of Uppsala, Sweden, done during 2003. This will be presented in printed form. Editor is Helena Mattsson.