DECEMBER 7TH - 8TH 2002 At the wintermarket at "Gammlia", just outside the museum in Umeå, we organized a lottery.

Alongside the other vendors at the market selling handicraft, food etc our booth was one in the gang. At the lottery one had the chance to win art and handicraft that we had collected and bought from friends, colleges and family. The objects you could win were all at display inside the museum, which meant that people who did not intend to visit the exhibition had to walk trough the museum.

Participating artist, friends and family: Annmari Andersén, Siv Arb, Janet Coletti, Ann-Marie Kindgren, Ingrid Johansson, Margit Letho, Ola Johnson, Agneta Linton, Malin Wikegård, Tove Axelsson, Magdalena Johansson, Martin Karlsson, Lisa Jonasson, Andreas Eriksson, Streetwise (Eva Arnqvist, Nils Edvardsson, Peter Eccher, Andreas Eriksson, Lisa Jonasson, Martin Karlsson, Niklas Elmehed, Daniel Hoflund, Linda Jansson, Jan Rydén, Jenny Crisp)