2 - 3 APRIL 2004 Almedalsbiblioteket, Visby

Baltic Art Center arranged a symposium, focussing on Swedish art institutions. The main question dealt with was; for whom, how and why the art-institution exists today. The points of view on the issue varied of course, and it became visible (again) what a spreckeled field the art-world is.

love and devotion was last speakers out, and we exemplified how we try to work with and in insititutions rather than opposed to them. As we work within other fields as well as the art-scene, we chose to put some light on certain similarities between institutions from an overall perspective.

We also did a work together there and then with the "institution of the symposium". The work involved both the participants as well as some of the questions we had got from BAC beforehand, for preparation.

Everyone in the room got four pieces of differently coloured paper. With them we asked the participants to answer some of the questions given, by choosing one colour (or more) to answer the question. The colours were grey, red, yellow and purple. The answers were photographed and displayed on a big screen á la minute (see images).

The questions we chose to ask were the ones given to us by BAC:
1. Does contemporary art need to be understood and liked by everybody?
2. Does contemporary art arouse indignation because of artists and curators transgressing reached agreements?
3. Shall the art institution be a part of the entertainment industry or a space for artistic progress and research?