7 MARCH 2003 We were invited to a seminar on subjects conserning the institutional. A talk took place between love and devotion, Maria Lind, Søren Friis Møller, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, and Åsa Nacking. Maria Hirvi was moderating. The seminar was arranged by Moderna Museet, Riksutställningar and Statens konstråd. Following are some excerpts from notes taken by Charlotte Bydler.

"The noncommercial institutions stubbornly pops up in the marketmingle of Stockholm Art Fair. Riksutställningar and Statens Konstråd have always worked with matching art with people and different urban rooms. While the museumbuilding at Skeppsholmen is beeing renovated because of moldproblems, also the the Moderna museet has been unusually mobile. When our larger artinstitutions are beeing called "concretecolosses" we can send a thought to this mobile work consisting of bringing thogheter art and people. The seminar Inside/outside the institutional went into the depth on this matter."

"As expected the panel agreed on that moveability between different rooms is good. Neither did the audience state that art should stick within the boundaries of the museum and the good taste. Must art then, get out, into the streets to become radical? Hardly. This with inside/outside the "institution" in the sense of a physical room and the thoughtconstruction "art" is something more. No institution starts and ends with it's room, it is all nonpronounced knowledge that governs different ways of behaving, expressing oneself, goals and values. Such as what determines why an artist gets paid for his/her work or gets grants. Or how independently critical institutions or artists can be considering the importance of creating a name. C M v Hausswolff appeared as a traditional institutional transgresser. While love and devotion's choice to work in a group together with the users (not onle the placer of the order) showed what they don't want to have - a norm of the artist as alone, independent (male) critic of society, and the artwork as a secluded thing that dominates it's environment."