28 FEBRUARY - 2 MARCH 2003 When love and devotion were guests at the artist-run space Yeans in Gothenburg it became clear how a process takes place and how things and people connect. Lars Nilsson and Eva Linder (who run Yeans) were two of the participants in love and devotion's project at Umeå Academy of Arts in 2000.

love and devotion was present at Yeans between Friday the 28th of February until Sunday the 2nd of March. Together with Yeans we presented a platform for a dialogue and talks about the arts possibilty to work today, about situations/rooms that are created through the work of artists in our society. This took place through an investigation of Yeans as a place, and through visual presentations of the work of love and devotion and Yeans through slides, side by side.

On one wall we wrote a few questions directly on the wall - questions conserning the relationship between art and institutions. Questions that love and devotion had been asked to answer at a seminar at the Stockholm Art fair just a few days later. We discussed the questions with visitors to Yeans.

In this way all present at Yeans during this weekend was given the possibility to togheter create an image of the space art occupies in our society today.