1 - 4 DECEMBER 2001 When love and devotion was invited to the space of Soc. Stockholm, we wanted to make way for a comfortable room in which we could come together and discuss delicate matters such as "what makes people do things from their hearts?", dance, and to make people feel welcome.
To fulfil our needs we made following alterations of the Soc. space to accommodate the project; brownish wall-to-wall carpet and back-scene; wall-painting featuring Robert Crumb's Mr.Natural, a brownish beard growing out of the wall and our cute ice-bear friend Torbjörn Lundkvist, whose furry bosom calms anxiety of any kind. We invited certain persons of greatest interest to us, and others who we thought would be of interest to them.

At the inauguration of love and devotion at Soc.Stockholm the visitors were greeted with bubbly wine in fancy glasses. The lecturers Katarina Rosengren Falk and Charlotte Holgersson were saluted by Ingrid Eriksson playing the E flat cornet. Rosengren-Falk's and Holgersson's lecture "Commanders and CEO's - Masculinity Through the Ages" was followed by a vivid discussion on gender, power and art. On top of it all the opening night was enlightened by a mirror-ball.

Having had many discussions about visibility and attention, Love and Devotion decided to challenge anonymity in designing two signs; one to mark the spot of Soc. Stockholm's space, in boy-pink neon, and another portable light-bag one to follow the winding roads of the Love and Devotion-project.
In order to make our minds and sights brighter and more focused, and since we were familiar with the importance the windows have for Soc.' activities we decided to enhance their transparency. This was easily made by bringing in the window-cleaner. He did a good job for about an hour, lathering in the whole place and then washing it off to perfection.

A conversation with Paula Stenström, who is a script-writer and earlier has worked for the Defence Research Institute and for the Board of Psychological Defence with propaganda and disinformation in the society of information, members from Soc., neighbours, Love and Devotion and others.

Since the project's focus is people doing things out of their hearts, we invited a linedance-group "Together on Line" from Tumba, to bring the concept to its peak. We had got to learn about linedance earlier the same fall, and wanted to bring it to the art-world, to get to shake loose, and to once again challenge the image of the lonely genius. "Together on Line" led us through the steps; we were not alone, we were not masters of linedance skills, but we had fun and we were together on line at least parts of the time.


love & devotion meets Soc.
"Commanders and CEO:s"
Soc. meets love & devotion