love and devotion is working on a public art assignment involving two wards concentrating on rehabilitation of psychosis at the University Hospital of Uppsala, Sweden. love and devotion was invited since the people in charge of the art section of the county council, Andreas Bjersby and Ulf Eriksson, had taken interest in the way we work as a group. They saw our stand point; to initiate a dialogue and to find different solutions in various situations and circumstances where co-operation is vital.

The art assignment directly from the start evolved into a dialogue about what an art assignment can be used for. The staff at ward 109 and 110 have shown a great interest in working together with us on the project. So far there has been an exchange of experiences from our different contexts. Our meetings have put a light on the prejudiced expectations we have had about one another.

love and devotion try to take a grip on the totality of the visual and psychosocial milieu, instead of offering a number of given artworks to choose from. We want our work to resound, not only visually, but also in the everyday activities on the wards. Questions concerning the impact certain situations and milieus have on human beings are central in the project. Our aim is to gather knowledge about these subjects through meetings with politicians, architects, staff on the wards, theoreticians among others. By sharing our experiences from working with this project we hope to contribute, from our standpoint as artists, to the field of environmental. influence.

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