SEPTEMBER 2002 We were invited by Andrzej Ekwinski, Director of Vardö-Seminar, to an International Symposium named "Dangerous Encounters:Facing the Others" in Pultusk, Poland. The symposium took place at the Pultusk School of Humanities and included people from, Japan, USA, Ukraine, Lithuania, Iceland, Russia, Sweden and Poland. A part of the symposium was a tour by bus to Górowo Ilaweckie, Frombork, Elblag and Warzaw. The participants was a mix of artists, philosophers, critics etc. Each artist, or group of artists, some not present at the symposium, showed artworks that together made up the exhibition that was exposed outside the lecturehall, at the Pultusk School of Humanities. love and devotion gave a talk on the work we are involved with at Akademiska sjukuset in Uppsala, at two wards for psychosis- and rehabilitation. We concentrated on "the other" within our own very close surroundings, while many talks circled around the events of September 11th.