love and devotion is a platform from where we create situations we feel are relevant. We investigate our surroundings and ask our questions. We make new encounters, interact, visit eachother and others, make new contacts.

love and devotion is the atmosphere we wish to transmit while connecting.

So far we've established communication with such diverse people and places as the Salvation Army, a local taxicompany in the northern town of Umeå, the Swedish church, the dean of a university, a mayor, an academy of art, a recordcompany, a band, the police, a bunch of people from the art scene, and many more.

Stay tuned!

"Like the different species abord the starship Voyager, we are from different planets but we have a common aim which can be boiled down to - love and devotion. Along our journey we encounter creatures from still other planets... love and devotion is the fuel in our our vessel."

"I find love and devotion a celebration of a kind of non-knowledge as opposed to representation. This is essential since Love and devotion exists between its different participants, and through them may be announced. These notions cannot be known beforehand, love and devotion presents itself in those who are open to it."
"For me love and devotion is a vehicle, something to travel in, safe with friends, a vehicle to go to different places with, to meet with different people - to make our little world bigger and maybe better... it's so important to have traveller companions who have experienced the same places... who will have common experiences of future encounters... it's a way to create our own way of doing things..."

"... love and devotion is the feeling of having the ball in motion"

love and devotion - is a project initiated by Ingrid Eriksson, Carina Gunnars, Karin Johnson and Anna Kindgren. We are four of the twelve artists that formed the group Swe.De (Swedish Department) that had its home at the gallery, Ynglingagatan 1 (Y1), in Stockholm. We all graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University between 95 - 97. Love and devotion was first launched at the Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University in the fall of 2000. We all live and work in Stockholm, Sweden.