25 JANUARY - 14 MARCH 2004 "Slutspel?" deals with the current situations/relations facing the community of Timrå, and Midlanda kunsthalle. The show invites the all-town-embracing hockey culture to enter the exhibition space of Midlanda. Is there space enough for two (or more) arenas at once, and how can they inter-relate?

Two seemingly separate worlds get to share a common space; art and hockey. This meeting brings forth a possibility for two quite specialized auditions to come together; their fields of interest, prejudices and ideals mirroring each other.

"Slutspel?" includes workshops, video-screenings, love and devotion's art and hockey lottery, with nice prices from both the local artist of the area, and gifts from Timrå hockey-club. We also present a specially designed photo-op-room with interchangeable hockey-settings.

An important part of "Slutspel?" invites a special group within Timrå hockey supporters that create and maintain Tifos. Tifo, an Italian concept from the start, is everything a supporter-gruop do to raise the atmosphere during a game, from drums to flags and streamers.

Timrå Tifo-group's work is non-paid and without means of its own, to afford to make Tifos they collect money during the games. To support and make visible the work of these kids is important to us, maybe more so in a time when idealistic collective work often is turned down by a strive for private gaining. The act performed by the Timrå Tifo-group has a vital symbolic meaning transferable to other parts of society suffering from lack of personal engagement.

With "Slutspel?" we wish to support the Tifo-group to make an even cooler Tifo, and to introduce and strengthen Timrå community's understanding and participation in its creation.

love and devotion would like to thank all the artists that has contributed with works to the love and devotion art- and hockey-lottery:

Christian Beijer, Lena Sellstedt, Tomas Eriksson, Ingela Hamrin, Per Graneheim, Gunnel Oldenmark, Kerstin Lindström, Kjell Bolin, Lisbeth Malm, Margaretha Eriksson, Åsa Bergdahl, Kethy Sundlöf-Bjesse, Ulla Karin Winter, Ola Johnson, Margit Lehto, Ann-Marie Kindgren.