FEBRUARY 1ST - 16TH 2003 A cube is a cube is a cube ...or? It's interesting that f ex the temporary space of the Moderna museet in Stockholm or another temporary exhibitionspace that we created at Studio 44, so obviously recreates the white cube - the white cube has a million faces and the question is if we are gowerned by conventions or if it is the ultimate room for exposing art?

Is the white cube relevant for artists that are in the midst of society and not standing outside as spectators? Or is it a room as any other room? What do these rooms look like in that case? Are institutions like Rooseum in Malmö, Sweden and Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France on its way to create a new way to view the rooms of art, or is the convention recreated again? When more and more rooms - common public places - are turned into private property, when the square is no longer a square for meetings but instead for commers - is the white cube a space that maybe should be marked as a cultural heritage space? A room created for art is something fantastic when the air of the street and the square is owned of this or that consortium. Is it time for an act of saviour or not?

For the show at the Moderna museet in Stockholm we printed 5000 posters with an unfolded exact copy of the museums cubelike exhibitional space, in red. The posters were placed in the middle of the cube to be used, taken care of and carried away with by the visitors... At Studio 44 (an artistintiated space) one of Stockholm's very few still existing and vivant alternative spaces we are relating to another cubelike room...