SEPTEMBER - DECEMBER 2000  love and devotion was first officially launched in Umeå (a university town in the very north of Sweden), when love and devotion was invited by Jeffrey Vallance, professor at The Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå. We made formal visits and connected the students with their immediate surroundings. Our main ambition was to tune in to whatever needs we felt were there and how we most efficiently could put our skills and knowledge to good use and build up good energy. In the end this termlong project resulted in different collaborations between the students and local people/organisations/companies of different kinds, such as the Swedish church, a taxicompany, a mayor etc. Except for a few of the projects most of them came true and Umeå showed itself from its best side in terms of openness and interest.

We took the students to Stockholm and introduced them to the artscene there. We met Johan Malmström (Soc.), Johanna Billing (Make It Happen), Markus Degerman, Andreas Nobel (Ugly Cute), Karin Hansson and Åsa Andersson-Broms [a:t], Jon Brunberg (Crac), Ingvar Sjöberg (Interactive Institute), Maria Lind (Moderna museet projekt), Cecilia Widenheim (Moderna Museet), Sara Arrhenius, John-Peter Nilsson, Elina Smidlund, Karen Diamond (NU), Daniel Birnbaum, Magdalena Malm (IASPIS) and Rickard Juhlin (Magasin 3).

1. Head-quarter preperations at the Collage of Fine Arts in Umeå
2. Listening to the plans of Vice Governor Göran Theolin.
3. Inge-Bert Täljedal, Umeå University's principal, receives our L&D table-banner, especially designed for the projects's official participants.
4. The priest Mikael Brodin lectures at Umeå City Church.
5. At the bowl.

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